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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Akato Sakata+1B20352042OOTP Page
Juan Salazar+RF20302038OOTP Page
Jose Saldana2B20312034OOTP Page
Johnathan Salgado+MR20372042OOTP Page
Tony Salvatore+MR20332042OOTP Page
Kendall SampsonSwipesRF20292037OOTP Page
Pete SamuelsMR20202024OOTP Page
Anibal Sanchez+MR20382038OOTP Page
Antonio SanchezMR20212038OOTP Page
Armando Sanchez+SS20332041OOTP Page
Armando Sanchez3B20192023OOTP Page
Bernardo Sanchez+MR20422042OOTP Page
Carlos SanchezLF20292031OOTP Page
Jorge Sanchez+MR20412042OOTP Page
Jose Sanchez+MR20352042OOTP Page
Juan SanchezLF20232024OOTP Page
Mario Sanchez+MR20402042OOTP Page
Orlando Sanchez+MR20342042OOTP Page
Ramiro Sanchez+3B20292042OOTP Page
Vance Sanchez+CF20392042OOTP Page
Clinton Sanders+MR20322040OOTP Page
Devin SandersLF20322032OOTP Page
Forrest Sanders1B20192024OOTP Page
Michael SandersCF20242040OOTP Page
Mike SandersSP20272032OOTP Page
Ron Sanders+2B20382042OOTP Page
Justin Sandy+RF20312041OOTP Page
Kel Sanford1B20192027OOTP Page
Antonio SantanaEl PresidenteSP20192027OOTP Page
Felipe Santana+2B20372042OOTP Page
Luis SantanaMR20192027OOTP Page
Marques Santana1B20262034OOTP Page
Pedro Santana+SS20392042OOTP Page
Jose Santiago+CF20372041OOTP Page
Rico Santiago+RF20322039OOTP Page
Sergio Santiago+SP20402041OOTP Page
Armando SantosSP20192023OOTP Page
Emilio SantosSS20202028OOTP Page
Felipe SantosMR20192030OOTP Page
Fernando Santos+CF20382041OOTP Page
Francisco SantosToolsSS20232041OOTP Page
Juan SantosMR20222028OOTP Page
Juan Santos+1B20312041OOTP Page
Ken Santos+CF20292042OOTP Page
Roberto Santos+CF20362042OOTP Page
Valentin Santos+2B20282042OOTP Page
Danilo Sarmento+3B20382042OOTP Page
Senzo Sasaki+The SilencerSP20402042OOTP Page
Francisco SaucedoMR20222029OOTP Page
Ward SaundersMR20282033OOTP Page
Hank Savage+CL20352042OOTP Page
Chris SawyerCF20202028OOTP Page
Woody SawyerRF20232029OOTP Page
Hunter Schaefer+LF20422042OOTP Page
Tom SchaeferCF20302030OOTP Page
Blair Schmidt+CF20302042OOTP Page
Emerson SchmidtMR20202026OOTP Page
Kevin SchmidtSmittySP20262040OOTP Page
Theodore Schmidt+SP20362042OOTP Page
Danny SchmittCF20192025OOTP Page
Timmy Schneider+LF20372038OOTP Page
Steven Schultz+MR20362042OOTP Page
Nico ScordosSP20292039OOTP Page
Adam Scott+CF20412042OOTP Page
Gunner Scott+CF20412041OOTP Page
Von Scott+SP20312042OOTP Page
Emory SearsMR20242037OOTP Page
Ryan SearsSP20192023OOTP Page
Gustave SeguinMooSP20222035OOTP Page
Wilbert Seguin1B20252033OOTP Page
William Sellers+SP20322042OOTP Page
Jose Serra3B20332038OOTP Page
Carlos SerranoSP20232037OOTP Page
Troy SescoMR20242036OOTP Page
Chi ShangSP20322034OOTP Page
Thomas SharpCF20212031OOTP Page
Marcus Shaw2B20282035OOTP Page
Robbie Shaw3B20192024OOTP Page
Thomas Sheffield+SS20392042OOTP Page
John SheltonLF20192027OOTP Page
Jon SheltonC20202023OOTP Page
Gregory SheppardCF20192026OOTP Page
Paul SheppardSS20202028OOTP Page
Kevin Sherman3B20302037OOTP Page
Marty Sherman+1B20342041OOTP Page
Ju-Won Shi1B20242034OOTP Page
Kimoyo Shimazu+2B20372042OOTP Page
Orinosuke Shimizu1B20212022OOTP Page
Glen ShortC20242038OOTP Page
Gene Shuey+Shootin' GeneMR20272042OOTP Page
Shawn Shupe+SP20402042OOTP Page
Antonio Silva+MR20382038OOTP Page
Juan Silva+C20372042OOTP Page
Juan SilvaMR20192025OOTP Page
Manny SilvaCL20192022OOTP Page
Pedro Silva3B20192022OOTP Page
Salvador Silva+RF20392042OOTP Page
Victor Silva+MR20412042OOTP Page
Brett Simmons2B20292036OOTP Page
Derrick Simmons3B20192022OOTP Page
Paul SimmonsSP20192024OOTP Page
Earl Simpson+3B20412041OOTP Page
Daniel SimsLF20212026OOTP Page
Mike SimsCF20222024OOTP Page
Jerry Sinclair+CL20362042OOTP Page
Blair SingletonMR20192033OOTP Page
Kevin Singleton+LF20372042OOTP Page
Jack Skinner3B20272035OOTP Page
Robert Sladky+C20342042OOTP Page
Buddy SlaterSP20192022OOTP Page
Joey Slater+RF20352042OOTP Page
Keith SlaytonSlayerSP20242034OOTP Page
Dana Sly+MR20282041OOTP Page
Aaron SmileyCF20302034OOTP Page
Allen SmithRF20222025OOTP Page
Archie Smith+MR20312042OOTP Page
Dan SmithCF20242029OOTP Page
Eric Smith2B20202020OOTP Page
Gene Smith+1B20422042OOTP Page
Hugo SmithMR20262033OOTP Page
Jack Smith+LF20422042OOTP Page
Jason SmithMR20192032OOTP Page
Luke Smith+The TerminatorMR20412042OOTP Page
Michael SmithMR20192024OOTP Page
Ray SmithC20212035OOTP Page
Ronald SmithLF20282029OOTP Page
Ellis Snow1B20252028OOTP Page
Pete Snyder+CL20422042OOTP Page
Esteban Solano+2B20382042OOTP Page
Francisco Solis+1B20402042OOTP Page
Juan Solis+SS20392042OOTP Page
Angel SorianoCL20192026OOTP Page
Miguel SorianoCF20212029OOTP Page
Jose SosaC20232023OOTP Page
Salvador Sosa+SS20352041OOTP Page
Carlos SostenesLF20382038OOTP Page
Alfredo SotoMR20222024OOTP Page
Antonio SotoSP20202033OOTP Page
Jose SotoC20242028OOTP Page
Juan Soto2B20232028OOTP Page
Manny Soto+MR20382042OOTP Page
Billy SparksC20192025OOTP Page
Tony SparksSP20212021OOTP Page
Dave Spears+MR20362040OOTP Page
Jim SpearsSP20202031OOTP Page
Bobby Spence+RF20282040OOTP Page
Harold Spencer3B20192025OOTP Page
Reed SpencerMR20322033OOTP Page
Ben Spillman1B20202023OOTP Page
Reece SpurleC20362040OOTP Page
Haley St. George+MR20302041OOTP Page
Angel St. JohnDH20232023OOTP Page
Michael StalloneItalian Stallion2B20192029OOTP Page
Bruce Stanford+SP20372042OOTP Page
Nicholas Stanford+SP20322040OOTP Page
Layne StanleySP20222032OOTP Page
Ricky Stanley+SP20412042OOTP Page
Rob StanleyMR20192026OOTP Page
Lance Stanley IIIThe GrandsonCF20212040OOTP Page
Blake StantonRF20262031OOTP Page
Victor StarkC20232027OOTP Page
Andrew SteeleLights OutCL20192027OOTP Page
Clarence Steele+MR20372039OOTP Page
Gilbert SteeleRF20232024OOTP Page
Micheal SteffensCL20192025OOTP Page
Andrew StephensMeatCL20192030OOTP Page
Barney StephensSP20282032OOTP Page
Jason StephensMR20292038OOTP Page
Joe StephensSS20222024OOTP Page
Joe StephensonLF20222037OOTP Page
John SterlingMR20192024OOTP Page
Michael SterlingThe KingSP20192023OOTP Page
Carl StevensLF20192026OOTP Page
Christopher StevensSS20292040OOTP Page
Jeff StevensonCF20292034OOTP Page
Broderick StewartSP20232038OOTP Page
Dean StewartMR20192023OOTP Page
Derek StewartMR20282036OOTP Page
Kevin StewartSP20222034OOTP Page
Vincent Stewart+CF20382042OOTP Page
Dave Stoddart3B20302032OOTP Page
Alvin StokesRF20192021OOTP Page
Keith StokesC20192024OOTP Page
Nathan StokesLF20282034OOTP Page
Bob StoneMR20192022OOTP Page
Chris Stone1B20212027OOTP Page
Daniel StoneRF20272035OOTP Page
Kory StoneRF20192029OOTP Page
Zach StoneMR20222022OOTP Page
Aaron StricklandC20232025OOTP Page
Kel StricklandMR20202021OOTP Page
Ronald StricklandMR20212036OOTP Page
Robert Stuart+1B20282042OOTP Page
D.D. Styles+LF20362042OOTP Page
Harvey Sullivan1B20242030OOTP Page
Steven Sullivan+RF20312042OOTP Page
Cliff SummersLF20302033OOTP Page
Ian Summers+C20402042OOTP Page
Nathan SummersMR20222022OOTP Page
Rick Summers+SP20352042OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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