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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Shaun MacCookSP20242025OOTP Page
Brad MacGregorSP20192023OOTP Page
Jim MacGruder1B20202020OOTP Page
DeShaun MackDiesel1B20192027OOTP Page
Kevin MacKinley+SS20402042OOTP Page
Justin MacNamaraSP20232023OOTP Page
Matthew MacNamara+2B20392042OOTP Page
Chancellor Madison+2B20412042OOTP Page
Pat MadisonMR20282036OOTP Page
David Mains1B20252030OOTP Page
Junior Maldonado+LF20342034OOTP Page
Mauro MaldonadoMR20242026OOTP Page
Pancho MaldonadoPoochCF20192023OOTP Page
Pedro Maldonado+SP20382042OOTP Page
Vicente MaldonadoMR20302030OOTP Page
Vicente MaldonadoMR20192024OOTP Page
Kelly MalkinRF20202025OOTP Page
Bradley MaloneMR20192031OOTP Page
Hoo ManCF20272030OOTP Page
Richard Mann3B20192031OOTP Page
Evan ManningRF20282033OOTP Page
Jason Manning+CF20342039OOTP Page
Wesley ManningSP20202026OOTP Page
Jorge Manuel+2B20372042OOTP Page
Roger Marcum+1B20292042OOTP Page
Bernardo MarinoMR20222027OOTP Page
José MarinoSP20192023OOTP Page
Manny Marino+MR20372042OOTP Page
Jesus Marquez3B20242032OOTP Page
Clarence MarshallMR20242031OOTP Page
Alex MartinCL20202029OOTP Page
Dennis MartinRF20272040OOTP Page
Jack MartinMR20192032OOTP Page
Joe MartinSS20322032OOTP Page
Kane Martin1B20192024OOTP Page
Kelly Martin+KidneySP20312042OOTP Page
Mack Martin+MR20412042OOTP Page
Michael Martin+MeatballSP20302042OOTP Page
Thomas MartinMR20192025OOTP Page
Francis MartineauThe Frenchman2B20242034OOTP Page
Alfredo MartinezMR20202031OOTP Page
Angel MartinezEdgarSP20202029OOTP Page
Bernardo MartinezCF20192027OOTP Page
Carlos MartinezMR20232032OOTP Page
Cesar Martinez+SP20362042OOTP Page
Emilio MartinezLF20212027OOTP Page
Esteban Martinez3B20252031OOTP Page
Fernando Martinez+MR20262041OOTP Page
Francisco Martinez+El FuegoCL20252042OOTP Page
Gilberto MartinezSS20192024OOTP Page
Hector MartinezMR20222028OOTP Page
James MartinezMR20312037OOTP Page
Juan Martinez+C20372040OOTP Page
Juan MartinezMR20192023OOTP Page
Julio Martinez+SP20372042OOTP Page
Luis MartinezMR20192031OOTP Page
Rafael Martinez2B20202020OOTP Page
Rafael Martinez+MR20322042OOTP Page
Ricardo Martinez+MR20372042OOTP Page
Ruben MartinezC20192024OOTP Page
Victor MartinezMR20192023OOTP Page
Mitchell Mason+3B20282042OOTP Page
Mike Mathis+C20392042OOTP Page
Leon MatteauC20252030OOTP Page
Cameron MatthewsSP20192029OOTP Page
Greg Matthews+LF20312035OOTP Page
Benny Mauser+CL20332042OOTP Page
Cade Maxwell+1B20392042OOTP Page
Harry Maxwell+MR20332042OOTP Page
Logan May1B20262026OOTP Page
Billy MayersMR20202021OOTP Page
Billy Mayo+LF20322042OOTP Page
Ken MaysRF20332033OOTP Page
Randall Mays+C20302042OOTP Page
Ryan MaysSP20192021OOTP Page
Colt McAlisterThe Cobra1B20192034OOTP Page
Robert McAllisterRF20232027OOTP Page
James McBrideMR20202023OOTP Page
Michael McBrideSP20232036OOTP Page
Ron McCall3B20202023OOTP Page
Bryan McCasson+MR20302042OOTP Page
Claudio McClainLF20272036OOTP Page
Brian McClureMR20202032OOTP Page
Dave McClure+MR20392042OOTP Page
Nate McDonaldMR20252036OOTP Page
Sean McDonaldMR20272030OOTP Page
Adam McDowellLF20222028OOTP Page
Rob McDowellLF20222022OOTP Page
Vance McElroyMR20192024OOTP Page
Robert McFaddenMickMR20192029OOTP Page
Chris McGee2B20272034OOTP Page
Dominic McGowanSP20252037OOTP Page
Lynwood McGruder3B20192024OOTP Page
Brody McIlmoyleBrickSP20202035OOTP Page
Mark McIntyre3B20222027OOTP Page
Anthony McKee+SP20372037OOTP Page
Larry McLaughlin+2B20332041OOTP Page
Robert McLeod+2B20422042OOTP Page
Grady McPhersonThe PantherLF20192030OOTP Page
Sebastian MeanderCF20192023OOTP Page
Julio Medina+C20322039OOTP Page
Orlando MedinaMR20192027OOTP Page
Pancho MedinaFunky Cold1B20192036OOTP Page
Rodrigo Medina+MR20372042OOTP Page
Aaron Melbourne2B20292040OOTP Page
Jose MelendezMR20322034OOTP Page
Tommy MelvinRF20302039OOTP Page
Barry MelzerMR20192024OOTP Page
Adrián Mena2B20202020OOTP Page
Billy Ray MendetteMightyCL20192027OOTP Page
Andres Mendez+2B20332036OOTP Page
Pablo MendezSP20252033OOTP Page
Cesar Mendoza+MR20382041OOTP Page
Domingo Mendoza2B20232023OOTP Page
Héctor MendozaRF20202022OOTP Page
Manny Mendoza+LF20332042OOTP Page
Ricardo Mendoza2B20262027OOTP Page
Tony MendozaSP20252028OOTP Page
Julio Mercado+SP20322042OOTP Page
Bradley Mesley+2B20282042OOTP Page
Gabriel Messina2B20282036OOTP Page
Brett Mester+Pencil ArmSP20332042OOTP Page
Chris Metcalf+RF20372042OOTP Page
Aaron MeyerLionMR20192029OOTP Page
Anderson Meyer2B20282038OOTP Page
Gunner MeyerMR20242026OOTP Page
Nathan MeyersSP20192024OOTP Page
Francisco MezaLF20322036OOTP Page
Cliff Michaels+SP20402040OOTP Page
Peyton MichaelsGunner2B20192032OOTP Page
Roger MichelsonSP20222024OOTP Page
Jacob MiddletonLF20202033OOTP Page
Jermaine Miles+MR20332037OOTP Page
Bob MillerSP20222029OOTP Page
Brian MillerCL20342040OOTP Page
Conner MillerC20242028OOTP Page
Daniel MillerC20342036OOTP Page
Dave MillerMR20262034OOTP Page
Devin MillerSP20252027OOTP Page
Donald MillerMR20252041OOTP Page
Erik Miller+SP20372040OOTP Page
Grant MillerSP20242033OOTP Page
Jarret MillerMR20192028OOTP Page
Jim Miller+RF20282041OOTP Page
Joe Miller+MR20262041OOTP Page
Kyle Miller+MR20362042OOTP Page
Larry MillerMR20222022OOTP Page
Luis MillerMR20192022OOTP Page
Marvin MillerThe MartianSP20202021OOTP Page
Pat MillerLF20212027OOTP Page
Ray Miller2B20202022OOTP Page
Vincent MillerCF20212032OOTP Page
William MillerCF20222024OOTP Page
Zach MillerSP20192027OOTP Page
Cliff MillsMountainmanLF20192027OOTP Page
Gary Mills2B20282033OOTP Page
Johnny MillsLF20192023OOTP Page
William Mills1B20192020OOTP Page
Willie Mills2B20202021OOTP Page
Allan MiltonCF20222022OOTP Page
Bryan Milton+RF20422042OOTP Page
Hung Min-LoSP20192029OOTP Page
Anthony Miner+SP20402042OOTP Page
Bob MinorMR20192022OOTP Page
Rolland MinorC20192025OOTP Page
Ron MinorSP20192025OOTP Page
David Miranda+SP20382042OOTP Page
José Miranda1B20212024OOTP Page
Ben Mitchell+RF20312042OOTP Page
Brandon MitchellSP20222027OOTP Page
Brian Mitchell+SS20372041OOTP Page
Carl MitchellMR20222030OOTP Page
James Mitchell1B20192026OOTP Page
Jon MitchellSS20192030OOTP Page
Justin Mitchell1B20192027OOTP Page
Nick MitchellMR20242039OOTP Page
Ryan Mitchell+SS20412042OOTP Page
Carlos MolinaMexican MambaRF20192037OOTP Page
Ricardo Molina+SP20422042OOTP Page
Rodney Monroe+MR20312042OOTP Page
Mario MontalbanoSuper MarioLF20192027OOTP Page
Carlos MontanaC20332037OOTP Page
Jose MonteagudoMR20242026OOTP Page
Antonio MonteleoneLF20192024OOTP Page
Cesar Montero2B20262029OOTP Page
Durante MonteroD-MonSP20282039OOTP Page
Daniel MontesantoC20252041OOTP Page
Chad MontgomeryC20282029OOTP Page
Joe MontgomeryMR20252030OOTP Page
Justin MontgomerySP20192029OOTP Page
Carlos MontoyaRF20202027OOTP Page
Jesus Montoya1B20192028OOTP Page
Jorge Montoya3B20202023OOTP Page
Reynaldo Montoya+MR20412042OOTP Page
Thomas MoonLF20352037OOTP Page
Patrick Mooney+SP20382042OOTP Page
Billy Moore3B20212025OOTP Page
Dale MooreMR20252038OOTP Page
Flynn MooreMR20262034OOTP Page
Gunner MooreRF20252032OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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