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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Angel CabreraMR20192022OOTP Page
Antonio Cabrera+C20412042OOTP Page
Manuel Cabrera+ClappySP20262042OOTP Page
Gil CahillCF20192023OOTP Page
Tim CainMR20212034OOTP Page
Allen Calabreeze+LF20312037OOTP Page
Michael Caldwell+2B20192042OOTP Page
Ben CalhounCF20192019OOTP Page
Bill Calhoun+LF20402042OOTP Page
Rob Calhoun+CF20402042OOTP Page
Billy CallaghanSP20192020OOTP Page
Jack Callahan+The RipperSP20272042OOTP Page
Mike Callahan3B20272035OOTP Page
Ricardo Camacho+SP20292042OOTP Page
Corey Cameron2B20292029OOTP Page
Craig Cameron2B20232032OOTP Page
Joe Cameron+SP20382042OOTP Page
Marvin CameronMR20192031OOTP Page
Toby CameronMR20272028OOTP Page
Claudio Camp+MR20402042OOTP Page
Colby CampbellSP20192028OOTP Page
David Campbell2B20192029OOTP Page
Hugh Campbell+MR20372042OOTP Page
Joe Campbell3B20192026OOTP Page
Kevin CampbellLF20272031OOTP Page
Mark Campbell+The HammerMR20282042OOTP Page
Dennis Campos+RF20362036OOTP Page
Javier Canales+SP20342040OOTP Page
Adam Canfield+SS20362042OOTP Page
Chris Cann+RF20322040OOTP Page
Roberto CanoMR20192019OOTP Page
Corey CantrellThe CatRF20192027OOTP Page
Marco Canu+3B20292042OOTP Page
Francisco Cardenas2B20292034OOTP Page
Tony Cardenas+SP20382041OOTP Page
Cesar Cardona3B20212025OOTP Page
Julio CardonaLF20262037OOTP Page
Jeff Carlson+C20312042OOTP Page
Phil CarlsonMR20302035OOTP Page
Julio CarmonaLF20312039OOTP Page
Daniel CarpenterSP20192024OOTP Page
Chad CarrMR20222036OOTP Page
Darren Carr2B20192027OOTP Page
Dean CarrSP20262031OOTP Page
Ricky Carr+The FlameSP20352042OOTP Page
Terry CarrLF20262035OOTP Page
Bartolo Carrasco+MR20272042OOTP Page
Luis Carrasco+C20412042OOTP Page
Tommy Carroll+3B20362042OOTP Page
Daxton Carson+MR20362042OOTP Page
Michael Carson+MR20352042OOTP Page
Brian CarterLF20282037OOTP Page
Dan CarterLF20352035OOTP Page
Lee CarterMR20192020OOTP Page
Leonard CarterMR20222026OOTP Page
Marc CarterRF20192030OOTP Page
Xavier CarterMR20252032OOTP Page
Pat CarverThe ButcherCL20192023OOTP Page
David Casey+RF20342042OOTP Page
Maxwell Cash1B20292031OOTP Page
Neil CashinMR20252030OOTP Page
Jorge Castaneda+MR20382042OOTP Page
Renzo Castano+2B20372042OOTP Page
Carlos Castillo+MR20412042OOTP Page
Carlos CastilloMR20202023OOTP Page
Carlos Castillo+MR20402042OOTP Page
Tommy Castillo+MR20362042OOTP Page
Angelino CastroMR20212030OOTP Page
David Castro2B20192025OOTP Page
Jorge CastroSP20192025OOTP Page
Jose CastroRF20252027OOTP Page
Luis Castro+MR20292042OOTP Page
Nelson CastroLF20252025OOTP Page
Orlando Castro+SP20372042OOTP Page
Deangelo CejaSP20222026OOTP Page
Pedro Cendejas Jr.+2B20402042OOTP Page
Antonio CerdaSS20222024OOTP Page
Mark ChambersLF20282028OOTP Page
Greg ChapinSP20272034OOTP Page
Jason ChapmanSP20272038OOTP Page
Martin Chapman3B20192025OOTP Page
Tyson ChapmanSS20192024OOTP Page
Riley CharboneauSP20222037OOTP Page
Kenneth CharlesLF20212021OOTP Page
Shawn CharlesSP20192030OOTP Page
Stephen CharlesMR20282031OOTP Page
Raynald CharronSP20202037OOTP Page
Andy ChaseRF20192022OOTP Page
Dale Chase+CF20402042OOTP Page
Daniel Chase+CL20362042OOTP Page
Joe Chatwin3B20192024OOTP Page
Carl Chaulk+DH20222042OOTP Page
Cristo Chavez+SS20402042OOTP Page
Daniel Chavez+SP20352038OOTP Page
Gustavo ChavezCF20242024OOTP Page
Jose ChavezC20222027OOTP Page
Juan Chavez+SP20392042OOTP Page
Lorenzo ChavezSS20192024OOTP Page
Rubén ChávezSP20222022OOTP Page
Heng Chen+MR20322039OOTP Page
Yun-fat ChiaMR20252029OOTP Page
Joe Childers1B20192024OOTP Page
Keith Childress+LF20382038OOTP Page
Dave Chipman2B20242024OOTP Page
Bartolo Chira2B20222031OOTP Page
Ivan ChiraSP20272027OOTP Page
Kazuki Choo+SP20382042OOTP Page
Ryan Christian3B20192024OOTP Page
Kent Christopher3B20192022OOTP Page
Chad ChurchRF20242024OOTP Page
Jerry ChurchC20282034OOTP Page
Marv ChurchSP20312033OOTP Page
Ramón CintrónSP20212022OOTP Page
Allen ClarkRF20272035OOTP Page
Arthur ClarkSP20272027OOTP Page
Barry ClarkC20252033OOTP Page
Derrick Clark+C20392042OOTP Page
Dustin ClarkSS20242025OOTP Page
Jason Clark2B20202026OOTP Page
Joshua ClarkRF20192022OOTP Page
Mark ClarkCF20202025OOTP Page
Turhan Clause+GrumpySS20342042OOTP Page
Ben ClayRF20212024OOTP Page
Andrew Clayton1B20192026OOTP Page
Ed Clement1B20192030OOTP Page
J.R. Clement+C20422042OOTP Page
Tom CliftonSP20192026OOTP Page
Rafael ClintonC20282028OOTP Page
Riley Coalan+MR20322042OOTP Page
Rodney Cobb3B20332035OOTP Page
John Coburn+MR20242042OOTP Page
Lee CochranMR20192019OOTP Page
Grant Cody+MR20272041OOTP Page
Glen Colbert+LF20312037OOTP Page
David Colburn1B20262028OOTP Page
Don ColeSP20242024OOTP Page
Abraham Coleman+SP20412042OOTP Page
Bob Coleman+MR20372041OOTP Page
Broderick Coleman+2B20412042OOTP Page
Hoyt ColemanSP20192020OOTP Page
Jonathan ColemanMR20192025OOTP Page
Matt Coleman+MR20412042OOTP Page
Michael Coleman+MR20342039OOTP Page
Nate ColemanCF20192024OOTP Page
Paul ColemanSP20212025OOTP Page
Ray ColemanSP20312033OOTP Page
Russell Coleman+LF20342042OOTP Page
Michael Collier1B20302030OOTP Page
Dana CollinsMR20222022OOTP Page
Darren CollinsSP20322032OOTP Page
Nick CollinsHome PlateSP20262027OOTP Page
Hector Colon+2B20402042OOTP Page
Wally Combest3B20282034OOTP Page
Daniel Conley+LF20292033OOTP Page
Lynwood ConleyMR20192029OOTP Page
Ted Conley+1B20352042OOTP Page
Tony Conley2B20202021OOTP Page
Bo ConnerSS20292038OOTP Page
Ray ConnerLF20272035OOTP Page
Mike Connolly+C20392042OOTP Page
Rory ConnollyRF20292031OOTP Page
Mario ConteMR20262029OOTP Page
Antonio ContrerasMR20242029OOTP Page
Raúl ContrerasSP20192023OOTP Page
Tyler Conway+3B20352042OOTP Page
Kelvin CookSS20272029OOTP Page
Mark CookC20192024OOTP Page
Tyler CookSS20222022OOTP Page
Robbie CookeMR20192024OOTP Page
Boyd CooperC20342035OOTP Page
Chad CooperMR20312031OOTP Page
Ed CooperMR20272039OOTP Page
Keith Cooper+1B20352042OOTP Page
Spike Cooper+MR20342039OOTP Page
Willie CooperCF20192025OOTP Page
Bill Copeland+RF20382040OOTP Page
Billy CoraCF20372041OOTP Page
Devin Corbin2B20192026OOTP Page
Jimbo Corbin+MR20382042OOTP Page
Justin CorboyLF20232023OOTP Page
Manny Cordero+MR20382042OOTP Page
Domingo Cordova+RF20312036OOTP Page
Francisco Cordova+C20422042OOTP Page
Vinny CorleoneThe ViperSP20192032OOTP Page
Roy CorleyMR20212022OOTP Page
Oliver CornettCF20192024OOTP Page
Clinton CorriganC20282030OOTP Page
Cesar Cortez+2B20372042OOTP Page
Cristobal CortezSS20192022OOTP Page
Manuel CostaCF20302037OOTP Page
Nick Cote1B20192020OOTP Page
Frank Couch+MR20392041OOTP Page
Arlen Cox+1B20402042OOTP Page
Bernie Cox+C20362041OOTP Page
Connor Cox+SP20362042OOTP Page
Kevin Cox3B20252039OOTP Page
Trevor Cox+SP20422042OOTP Page
Norbert CraigSS20192021OOTP Page
Alan Crawford1B20232033OOTP Page
Henry Crawford2B20232025OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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