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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Troy BacaChewy3B20242031OOTP Page
Ray Baginski1B20312039OOTP Page
Chance Bailey3B20192029OOTP Page
Jake BaileyMR20192021OOTP Page
Taylor BaileySP20222027OOTP Page
Everette Baker+Dr. KMR20322042OOTP Page
Ron BakerMR20192024OOTP Page
Will BakerSP20222027OOTP Page
Francisco Balderas+C20402042OOTP Page
Orlando Balderas+C20402042OOTP Page
Marvin BaldwinMR20212033OOTP Page
Reggie Baldwin+MR20322042OOTP Page
Michael BallardC20202029OOTP Page
Mike BallardSS20192026OOTP Page
Mauro BandaRF20192019OOTP Page
Miguel Angel Banda+3B20402042OOTP Page
Dale Banks2B20252031OOTP Page
Mario Banks+SP20352042OOTP Page
Ryan Bannister+SP20322042OOTP Page
Curt BannonRF20282039OOTP Page
Quintin BansfieldC20242024OOTP Page
Daniel Baraja+MR20392042OOTP Page
Kendry Barbee+3B20312042OOTP Page
Thurman Barber+SS20392042OOTP Page
Casey Barker+The MailmanMR20252042OOTP Page
Jacob Barker+Flex1B20372042OOTP Page
Aaron Barnes+3B20352041OOTP Page
Francis BarnesCF20302030OOTP Page
Gene BarnesMR20262026OOTP Page
Mark Barnes+MR20402042OOTP Page
Rich BarnesMR20192028OOTP Page
Parker Barnett1B20232027OOTP Page
Daron BarrettSP20192025OOTP Page
Sean Barrett+SP20412042OOTP Page
Brennan Barrie+C20402042OOTP Page
Alberto Barrios+MR20292042OOTP Page
Ed BartlettMR20202027OOTP Page
Jonathan Barzaga+1B20402041OOTP Page
Larry BassRF20262033OOTP Page
Alex Bates+RF20422042OOTP Page
Michael Bates+SP20392042OOTP Page
Jorge Batista+C20292042OOTP Page
Brandon BattleSP20222029OOTP Page
John BaxterSP20262026OOTP Page
Scott Bayer+SS20382038OOTP Page
Matthew Beach+MR20372042OOTP Page
Richard BeattyCL20212037OOTP Page
Mario Beccera+MR20352042OOTP Page
Javier BecerraMR20352035OOTP Page
Junior Becerra+MR20392042OOTP Page
Malcolm Beck+RF20352042OOTP Page
Pat Beck+1B20352042OOTP Page
Victor BeckC20292037OOTP Page
Woody Beck1B20212022OOTP Page
Michael Becker+LF20322041OOTP Page
George Beckett+SP20352042OOTP Page
Jacob BeckettSS20262033OOTP Page
Austin BelaskaSS20242038OOTP Page
J.D. Belcher+SP20332042OOTP Page
Olivio Belino2B20222022OOTP Page
Bobby BellDinnerC20192027OOTP Page
Caleb BellCF20212022OOTP Page
Jarred Bell+RF20412042OOTP Page
Michael Bell2B20302031OOTP Page
Todd Bell2B20192022OOTP Page
Juan BelloSP20192032OOTP Page
Bryan BenderMR20192032OOTP Page
Joshua BenderLF20252030OOTP Page
Juan BenitezC20222024OOTP Page
Greg BenjaminMR20262035OOTP Page
Dalton BennettCL20312031OOTP Page
Daniel BennettC20272028OOTP Page
David BennettMR20312033OOTP Page
Kent Bennett+3B20302042OOTP Page
Patrick Bennett+SP20422042OOTP Page
Ray BennettRF20202024OOTP Page
Sean BennettSS20342034OOTP Page
Barry Benson1B20192023OOTP Page
Jim BentleyCL20272039OOTP Page
Juan Carlos BermudezThe WolfCL20242040OOTP Page
Manuel Bernal3B20202026OOTP Page
Norberto Bernard+MR20352035OOTP Page
Maximo Berrera+LF20342042OOTP Page
Steve BerringerC20262027OOTP Page
Domingo BerriosSS20212028OOTP Page
Evan Berry+MR20382042OOTP Page
David Berutich+2B20292041OOTP Page
Brian BillingsWhineySS20252030OOTP Page
Wilbert Billings+SP20422042OOTP Page
Erik Bingham+C20262041OOTP Page
Fred BirdFreeMR20192021OOTP Page
Nathan BishopSS20282031OOTP Page
Adam Black+LF20402042OOTP Page
Joe BlackwellSP20222033OOTP Page
Michael Blackwell+LF20272042OOTP Page
Cory BlackwoodCF20252028OOTP Page
Brandon BlairSP20292037OOTP Page
Eugene BlairSS20222026OOTP Page
Matt Blair+SS20402042OOTP Page
Sloan BlaisC20292029OOTP Page
Brian BlakeRF20272034OOTP Page
Calvin Blake3B20262028OOTP Page
Nathan Blake+RF20342042OOTP Page
Bob Blanchard1B20232026OOTP Page
Justin BlancheC20272028OOTP Page
Carlos Blanco+SP20412042OOTP Page
Jose Blanco2B20212034OOTP Page
Ken BlaylockMookie1B20192026OOTP Page
Randy Blevins3B20212023OOTP Page
Troy BloomingdaleC20192029OOTP Page
Robert BoddieThe LawSP20282034OOTP Page
Kal BoddyLF20272032OOTP Page
Matthew BoggsBoogyC20192032OOTP Page
Doug Bolden+C20302030OOTP Page
Ivan BoldovinosSP20272027OOTP Page
Jake Boles+RF20292042OOTP Page
Jamie Bolton+1B20312042OOTP Page
Carlos Bonilla+2B20312042OOTP Page
Ernie Bonner+MR20342035OOTP Page
Jeffrey Boswell2B20272033OOTP Page
Billy BowdenRF20192022OOTP Page
James Bowen3B20222026OOTP Page
Keenan Bowen+MR20292038OOTP Page
Karl Bowens+2B20312037OOTP Page
Richard BowerSP20212030OOTP Page
Tim Bower3B20192028OOTP Page
George BowmanSP20232033OOTP Page
Tim BowmanLF20272032OOTP Page
William Bowman3B20222023OOTP Page
Brandon Boyce+1B20362039OOTP Page
Mike Bozeman+LF20372042OOTP Page
Joshua BradfordCF20192033OOTP Page
Arthur Bradley+LF20282042OOTP Page
Artie Bradley1B20222035OOTP Page
Dave BradleyCF20212027OOTP Page
William BradyMR20212022OOTP Page
John BrakeRF20252026OOTP Page
Clarence BrandonSP20212028OOTP Page
William Brantley+C20362039OOTP Page
Bill Brenton2B20242030OOTP Page
Christian Brewer1B20212029OOTP Page
Jason Brewer+SP20392042OOTP Page
Scott BrewerSP20192028OOTP Page
Kevin Brewster+RF20352041OOTP Page
Bobby BridgesBanjoMR20192020OOTP Page
Joseph Bridges+SP20372037OOTP Page
Gary Briggs+SS20342042OOTP Page
Willie Briggs1B20192023OOTP Page
Alex Britt1B20272035OOTP Page
Carlton BrockMR20232037OOTP Page
Ollie Brock3B20272032OOTP Page
Derek BrookerC20302031OOTP Page
Billy Brooks3B20192025OOTP Page
John Brooks3B20232025OOTP Page
Kenny BrooksThe Bomber3B20192025OOTP Page
Ross BrooksSP20202039OOTP Page
Trevor BrooksSP20192032OOTP Page
Wendall BrooksMR20192031OOTP Page
Aaron Brown+LF20382042OOTP Page
Darrell BrownMR20192031OOTP Page
Dave BrownCF20232027OOTP Page
Dewey Brown3B20222025OOTP Page
Jamal Brown+2B20362036OOTP Page
Karl Brown+MR20402042OOTP Page
Kevin Brown+MR20422042OOTP Page
Mark BrownRF20202024OOTP Page
Matthew BrownBanditRF20192039OOTP Page
Nathan Brown+RF20322042OOTP Page
Rex Brown2B20282031OOTP Page
Terry BrownMR20192029OOTP Page
Ty BrownRF20202034OOTP Page
Steve BrowneCF20252025OOTP Page
Kelly BrowningRF20242027OOTP Page
Matt BrowningCF20242028OOTP Page
Mike BrowningMR20192025OOTP Page
Bobby BrunoThe BulldogSP20192030OOTP Page
Chad BryanMR20192035OOTP Page
Homer BryanC20192023OOTP Page
Adrian Bryant1B20192029OOTP Page
Eddie BryantC20192030OOTP Page
Keegan Bryant+LF20322042OOTP Page
Lawrence BryantRF20302030OOTP Page
Joe BuchananCF20222033OOTP Page
John BuckleyC20192022OOTP Page
Les Bulger+1B20342040OOTP Page
Bob Burgess3B20192027OOTP Page
Calvin BurgessChemikillSP20272038OOTP Page
Juan BurgosC20222036OOTP Page
Curtis BurkeMR20192034OOTP Page
Tim BurkeC20282029OOTP Page
Clayton BurnsLockjawMR20282038OOTP Page
Kenny Burns1B20292037OOTP Page
Martin BurnsSS20192022OOTP Page
Matt Burns1B20332037OOTP Page
Clive Burr+MR20342042OOTP Page
J.R. BurrisSP20212032OOTP Page
Calvin BurtonSS20262034OOTP Page
Clint BurtonSP20302036OOTP Page
Joe Burton+MR20382042OOTP Page
Clarence ButlerC20242026OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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