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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


"The Very Best Of The Best Players To Ever Play In The SIMBL"

SIMBL First File Era 2005-2018:
3B Daryl Ryles San Diego 2005-2017 (Inducted 2021)
2B Lucas Espitia San Diego 2005-2016 Birmingham 2016-2017 New Orleans 2018 (Inducted 2021)
SP Pedro Ramirez Oregon 2006-2015 Birmingham 2015-2016 Chicago 2016-2018 (Inducted 2021)
1B Taitarou Harnaobu Oregon 2005-2007 Toronto 2007-2011 Calgary 2011-2017 (Inducted 2021)
SP Bobby Grimes San Diego 2006-2018, 2021-22 (Inducted 2029)
SP James Sousa Los Angeles 2005-2018 Lowell 2018 (Inducted 2029)
SP Richard Dicks Sr. Marin-Sacramento 2005-2017 Las Vegas 2018 (Inducted 2029)
OF Dominick Lund Boston 2005-2016 (Inducted 2029)
CL Bill Hyer San Diego 2008-2018 Lowell 2028 (Inducted 2029)
SIMBL New File Era 2019-Current Pitchers:
SP Alberto Tovar San Diego 2019-2023 Rochester 2024-2026 (Inducted 2026)
SP Craig Byrd Calgary 2019-2024 Chicago 2025-2027 Tampa Bay 2028 (Inducted 2028)
SP Justin Montgomery Rochester 2019-2029 (Inducted 2030)
SP Bobby Bruno Manhattan Beach-Hollywood 2019-2027 Whitby 2027-2028 Las Vegas 2029-2030 (Inducted 2031)
CL Andrew Stephens Oregon 2019-2027 Dallas 2028-2030 (Inducted 2031)
SP Oki Okada Bristol 2019-2024 Chicago 2024-2029 Hollywood 2030-2031 Asheville 2032 (Inducted 2032)
SP Vinny Corleone Knoxville 2019-2020 Calgary 2020-2025 Asheville 2026 Deer Lake 2027-2028 Boston 2029 Whitby 2030-2032 (Inducted 2034)
SP Michael Gambino Oregon 2019-2028 Knoxville 2029-2030 Las Vegas 2031 Oregon 2032 Deer Lake-Bellingham 2033-2034 (Inducted 2034)
CL Barret Jenkins Calgary 2019-2024 Asheville 2025-2026 Bristol 2027-2031 Rochester 2032-2033 Bristol 2034 (Inducted 2034)
CL Willie Roger DeMarco San Diego 2019-2025 Seattle 2026-2035 (Inducted 2037)
SP Richard Dicks Jr. Texas 2019-2025 Cleveland 2025-2028 Deer Lake 2029-2031 San Diego 2031-2032 Sacramento 2033-2036 (Inducted 2037)
SIMBL New File Era 2019-Current Positional Players:
1B Colt McAlister Calgary 2019-2034 (Inducted 2034)
1B Artie Bradley New York 2022-2031 Dallas 2032-2033 Rochester 2034 Sacramento 2035 (Inducted 2036)
OF Ty Brown Oregon 2020-2034 (Inducted 2036)
OF Zachery Dye New York 2019-2027 Hollywood 2028-2029 Hawaii 2029 Hollywood 2030-2033 New York 2034-2035 (Inducted 2037)
OF Miguel Espinoza Tacoma-Cleveland 2019-2034 (Inducted 2034)
OF Matt Kramer Chicago 2019-2024 Bristol 2024-2032 Chicago 2033-2034 (Inducted 2036)
3B Logan Raynes Sacramento 2022-2030 Deer Lake-Bellingham 2031-2036 (Inducted 2036)
OF Leonard Williamson Colchester-Boston 2020-2022 Astoria-Seattle 2022-2031 Boston 2032-2034 (Inducted 2036)
OF Michael Lonewolf Tacoma 2020-2021 Calgary 2022-2026 Toronto 2026-2037 (Inducted 2037)
OF Carlos Molina Calgary 2019-2027 Hawaii 2028-2030 Las Vegas 2031-2034 Sacramento 2035-2037 (Inducted 2037)
2B Dante Dawson Dallas 2020-2021 Hawaii 2022-2029 Cleveland 2030 San Diego 2031-2033 Whitby 2034 Sacramento 2035-2036 (Inducted 2037)
C Taki Taketo San Diego 2019-2023 Rochester 2023-2024 Knoxville 2024-2030 Hollywood 2030-2031 Knoxville 2032 Boston 2033 Knoxville 2034 Hollywood 2035 Bend 2036 (Inducted 2037)
OF Kendrick Templeton Sacramento 2022-2028 Hawaii 2029-2032 Bristol 2033-2036 (Inducted 2037)

2021 SIMBL Hall Of Fame inductees from left to right: Daryl Ryles, Lucas Espitia, Pedro Ramirez and Taitarou Haranobu.

Career Placings On SIMBL Career Statistics Lists Are At Time Of Retirement

3B Daryl Ryles
San Diego 2005-2017

Career Statistics:
1st pick of the first round of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft
.323 BA (2nd)  
2100 Hits (9th)  
561 HR (1st)  
1581 RBI (1st)  
8-time SL Slugger Of The Year  
11-time All-SIMBL Team  
11-time SIMBL All-Star  
2-time SIMBL Gold Glove  
2-time SIMBL CS MVP  
1-time SLCS MVP  
3-time SLDS MVP  
7-time SIMBL Championships in 13 SIMBL seasons

Daryl Ryles was nicknamed "The One" and was the first overall pick of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft.  Easily the most dominating player in SIMBL history, Ryles started his tumultuous career off by bringing an entourage of seemingly drunken and rowdy friends to the podium with him upon being announced as the #1 overall pick by San Diego GM Paul Ware.  Ryles infamously announced at that moment that he would "break, no shatter, every power-hitting record for the SIMBL for the history of the league."  It was long suspected that the 25 year-old Ryles was drunk at the time and it started a career-long rift between him and SIMBL Commissioner Christian DeMarco and the SIMBL League Office.  Ryles was fined more than any other player in SIMBL history for his actions on and off the field culminating to millions of dollars in fines by the SIMBL, money he laughed off as "beer money."

The lowest point of the numerous rifts came when Ryles mooned the SIMBL Commish on the field prompting a record fine levied at the time.  Ryles also engaged in a careers-long rivalry through the SIMBL press with former Jacksonville and Chicago superstar Eddie Meas which got pretty nasty at some points.  

In between setting all SIMBL offensive records and winning eight SL MVP awards, Ryles led the Warewolves to seven SIMBL championships in his 13-season career and played his whole career in San Diego. One of only four players to achieve 2000 hits, 300 HR and 1000 RBI in his SIMBL career.  

As much as Ryles wasn't desired off the field, he backed everything up on the field.  No other player came close to matching his numbers and many SIMBL pundits don't think any other player ever will. He remains the only player in SIMBL history to achieve 400 and 500 home runs and also 1500 RBI.

SIMBL career leader in HR, RBI, walks and runs scored, OPS, slugging percentage, on base percentage, and SIMBL career leader in postseason runs scored, home runs, RBI and several other categories.

Ryles was also the most dominating postseason player of his era and holds most SIMBL career postseason offensive records.  He led San Diego to seven SIMBL championships being a two-time MVP of the SIMBL Coveted Cup Championship Series, a one-time SLCS MVP and three-time SLDS MVP.

2B Lucas Espitia
San Diego 2005-2016  
Birmingham 2016-2017  
New Orleans 2018

Career Statistics:
24th pick of the 2nd round of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft
.297 BA   
2557 Hits (1st)  
1773 R (1st)  
1305 BB (3rd)  
236 HR (20th)  
64 3B (8th)  
1028 RBI (12th)  
833 SB (1st)  
.827 OPS  
2-time All-SIMBL  
4-time SIMBL All-Star
2-time SIMBL Gold Glove
7-time SIMBL Championships  
1-time SLCS MVP  
2-time SLDS MVP in 14 SIMBL seasons 

Lucas Espitia was a stalwart as San Diego's second baseman for eleven and a half seasons and the hero of the 2014 SIMBL CS when he hit a game-winning walkoff HR to win the series.  Espitia was the 48th player (2nd round #24) selected in the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft.  He played in 2178 games, the most games in SIMBL history and holds the SIMBL at bats record with 8622 plate appearances. He is also the SIMBL career leader in several categories with 2557 hits, 1773 runs scored and 833 stolen bases. He retired as the SIMBL's all-time career stolen base leader.  His 1305 career walks are third in SIMBL history behind Daryl Ryles and Glenn Knapp.  Espitia is one of only eleven players with 1000 RBI.  Add in Espitia's top-rated fielding abilities and he was one of the most complete players in SIMBL history.

SP Pedro Ramirez
Oregon 2006-2015  
Birmingham 2015-2016  
Chicago 2016-2018

Career Statistics:  
197-100 (4th)  
2.91 ERA (4th)  
1.07 WHIP (6th)  
2370 K (8th)  
455 GS (2nd)  
2748 IP (4th)  
SL Hurler of the Year (2010)  
5-time All-SIMBL  
5-time All-Star  
1-time SIMBL Championship
1-time SLCS MVP
1-time SLDS MVP  
5-time Top 5 in ERA  
SIMBL Record for Lowest Season ERA (1.84)  
SIMBL Record for Season GS (43)  
SIMBL Record for Season WHIP (0.80) in 13 SIMBL seasons

Pedro Ramirez exemplified the all-or-nothing approach some players (and indeed some SIMBL GMs) have for the game.  He started 40 or more times 9 seasons including 43 during 2014, a SIMBL record that still stands.  He entered the league as a 25 year-old in 2006, which may be a bit old compared to most potential Hall of Famers but he wasted little time establishing himself.  Before injury slowed him down late in his career, he was arguably the most efficient pitcher in the league and even rivaled Bobby Grimes in terms of dominance.  Over his first nine seasons he posted WHIPs of 1.20, 1.09, 1.08, 0.93, 1.08, 0.96, 0.87, 0.96, and 0.80 where he tore through the SIMBL going a combined 163-62 and winning 20 or more games four times.  Unfortunately, an injury in his ninth season meant that his last three seasons would see him go a combined 34-38 after his fastball lost its bite and the First File Era being damaged from the conversion from OOTP 6.5 to OOTP 10 that demolished most pitchers from 2016-2018.  Most SIMBL fans would argue that he was over-pitched to be burned out at 33 years-old, but it is impossible to deny the string of amazing seasons he put together before his injury.  It's also a testament to his immense talent that he was still able to contribute after coming back from injury.  Ramirez was a five-time All-SIMBL First Team selection, a five-time SIMBL All-Star and placed in the top five in ERA in five seasons.  Ramirez's 2.91 career ERA is second-lowest in SIMBL history among pitchers who have pitched at least 2000 innings and fourth all-time among pitchers who have pitched at least 1000 and 1500 innings. His 1.84 ERA during the 2015 was still the lowest in a season in SIMBL history at the time of his induction into the SIMBL Hall Of Fame before the 2021 season.

1B Taitarou Harnaobu
Oregon 2005-2007  
Toronto 2007-2011  
Calgary 2011-2017

Career Statistics:
9th pick in the 1st round of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft
.307 BA (6th)  
2191 Hits (7th)  
301 HR (9th)  
1169 RBI (8th)  
1233 R (4th)  
72 3B (3rd)  
595 SB (3rd)  
.876 OPS  
2-time UL Slugger Of The Year
2-time All-SIMBL Team
7-time SIMBL All-Star in 13 SIMBL seasons  

Taitarou Harnaobu was maybe the best mix of speed and power in the SIMBL First File Era.  Fans nicknamed him "Automatic" and it even caught on in his native country of Japan.  Amassed 595 stolen bases against only 180 failed attempts while also slamming 301 home runs.  The best Japanese player in SIMBL history and showed consistent longevity by accomplishing the rare feat of winning two UL Slugger Of The Year awards seven seasons apart, one in 2006 with Toronto and the other in 2013 with Calgary.

The ninth overall pick by the Oregon Pioneers of the 2005 SIMBL Inaugural Draft.  Shared a SIMBL-record at the time of his retirement with four 30 HR/30 SB seasons.  Had 90+ RBI in his first ten SIMBL seasons and five 100+ RBI seasons in his career.  Haranobu had three 30+ HR seasons but was more consistent with nine 20+ HR seasons.  Stole 30+ bases in 11 seasons and had 40+ SB in 10 seasons.  Flourished in Calgary's First File Era potent offense as a feared catalyst with his speed and high career .380 OBP.  Hit .300+ in eight seasons with one of the highest batting averages in the SIMBL First File Era when he hit .350 en route to his second MVP award in 2013.  After going to Calgary and spending the longest period of six and a half seasons with one team to try to win a SIMBL championship, Haranobu fell one season short when he retired after the 2017 season and the Clippers won their first title in 2018.



Daryl Ryles 22/24 votes
Lucas Espitia 17/24 votes
Pedro Ramirez 16/24 votes
Taitarou Harabobu 15/24 votes

Glenn Knapp 11/24 votes
Osvaldo Quijada 11/24 votes
Eddie Meas 9/24 votes
Luis Franco 8/24 votes
Jaime Gonzalez 6/24 votes
Richard Cummings 6/24 votes

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