Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Dallas Texans Eugene Pete 1st Antonio Palma Tied for 1st 1st
Chicago Hitmen Matt Douglass 2nd Salvador Velez Tied for 1st 2nd
Las Vegas Hustlers Robert Sladky 3rd Tank Lee Tied for 1st 3rd
Rochester Roosters Daniel Montesanto 4th Kevin Parsons Tied for 1st 4th
Whitby Battalion Jesse Mulhann 5th Colton Robinson Tied for 1st 5th
Calgary Clippers Randall Mays 6th Manny Lopez Tied for 1st 6th
Hollywood Stars Jorge Batista 7th Vaughan Morrison Tied for 1st 7th
San Diego Warewolves Scott White 8th Carlos Tapia Tied for 1st 8th
Westbury Cannons Steven Dawson 9th Francisco Cordova Tied for 1st 9th
New York Enforcers Manuel Assa 10th Luis Diaz Tied for 1st 10th
Sacramento Giants Joe Gibbs 11th Antonio Cabrera Tied for 1st 11th
Bristol Owls Bernie Cox 12th Howard Lehman Tied for 1st 12th
Toronto Rush Aaron Ullom 13th Willie Williams Tied for 1st 13th
Bend Bandits Erik Bingham 14th Matt Serrano Tied for 1st 14th
Norfolk Buccaneers Hector Pinto 15th Carlos Moran Tied for 1st 15th
Hawaii Pineapples Jeff Carlson 16th Mike Alaniz Tied for 1st 16th
Oregon Pioneers Cristian Munoz 17th Luis Carrasco Tied for 1st 17th
Knoxville Lumberkings Arnold Wilson 18th Phil Evans Tied for 1st 18th
Seattle Seawolves Manuel Garcia 19th Chris Potts Tied for 1st 19th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Peter Davis 20th Daryl Hansen Tied for 1st 20th
Cleveland Brownies Richard Harris 21st Steven Collins Tied for 1st 21st
Asheville Smokies Dan Wilson 22nd Nathan Billings 1st 22nd
Boston Revolution Reggie Jones 23rd Christian Yount Tied for 1st 23rd
Texas Roadrunners Julio Medina 24th Chad Stewart Tied for 1st 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Rochester Roosters Akato Sakata 1st Jared Thornton Tied for 2nd 1st
Cleveland Brownies Cody Taylor 2nd Jonathan Barzaga Tied for 2nd 3rd
Asheville Smokies Juan Santos 3rd 2nd 4th
Knoxville Lumberkings Marcos Guerrero 4th Tied for 2nd 5th
Boston Revolution Sean Daniels 5th Sergio Flores Tied for 2nd 6th
Seattle Seawolves Pat Beck 6th Arlen Cox Tied for 2nd 7th
Hawaii Pineapples Roger Marcum 7th Jesus Roman Tied for 2nd 8th
Texas Roadrunners Tim Lynn 8th Jose Ibarra Tied for 2nd 9th
Calgary Clippers Hue Henderson Tied for 9th Jose Antonio Gonzalez Tied for 2nd 10th
Las Vegas Hustlers Antonio Oliva Tied for 10th Harry Fullerton Tied for 2nd Tied for 10th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Jesus Diaz 11th Pedro Mercado Tied for 2nd 12th
Bend Bandits Robert Stuart 12th Trevor Werner Tied for 2nd 13th
Dallas Texans William James 13th Rodney Ruffin Tied for 2nd 14th
Norfolk Buccaneers Alejandro Galindo 14th Colton Drake 1st 2nd
Oregon Pioneers Jake Albert 15th Buddy Anderson Tied for 2nd 15th
Bristol Owls Jon LaMontanage 16th Mitch Colbert Tied for 2nd 16th
Chicago Hitmen Frostee Adams 17th Jorge Cruz Tied for 2nd 17th
Westbury Cannons Cade Maxwell 18th Carlos Gonzales Tied for 2nd 18th
Whitby Battalion Ashton Richards 19th Paul Hayes Tied for 2nd 19th
New York Enforcers Ray Baginski 20th David Horton Tied for 2nd 20th
San Diego Warewolves Michael Becker 21st Abel Robinson Tied for 2nd 21st
Sacramento Giants Kevin Cox 22nd Vic Robbins Tied for 2nd 22nd
Hollywood Stars Tied for 23rd Alonso Jimenez Tied for 2nd 23rd
Toronto Rush Tied for 23rd Tied for 2nd Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Oregon Pioneers Kimoyo Shimazu 1st Ron George Tied for 1st 1st
Norfolk Buccaneers Nyomo Yokota 2nd David Ramsey Tied for 1st 2nd
San Diego Warewolves Felipe Santana 3rd Tied for 1st 3rd
Bend Bandits Angel Orozco 4th Gabriel Nieves Tied for 1st 4th
Westbury Cannons Renzo Castano 5th Keith Giles Tied for 1st 5th
Knoxville Lumberkings Nicolas Pagano 6th Ed Maule Tied for 1st 6th
Calgary Clippers Tad Jackson 7th Trevor Lane Tied for 1st 7th
Hawaii Pineapples LaDamian Hendrix 8th Hector Colon Tied for 1st 8th
Dallas Texans Grant Tanner 9th Donald Bell Tied for 1st 9th
Chicago Hitmen Darren Peters 10th Pedro Serrano Tied for 1st 10th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Ron Sanders 11th Malcom Young Tied for 1st 11th
Asheville Smokies Cesar Cortez 12th Felix Fierro 1st 12th
Texas Roadrunners Bryan James 13th Luis Cruz Tied for 1st 13th
New York Enforcers Cecil Edwards 14th Troy Mosley Tied for 1st 14th
Whitby Battalion Matthew MacNamara 15th Buddy Wilson Tied for 1st 15th
Hollywood Stars Eduardo Rivera 16th Chancellor Madison Tied for 1st 16th
Rochester Roosters Valentin Santos 17th Steve Ferguson Tied for 1st 17th
Boston Revolution Tommy Eagen 18th Broderick Coleman Tied for 1st 18th
Toronto Rush Brandon Delaney 19th Saverio Seneca Tied for 1st 19th
Bristol Owls Tied for 20th Santiago Ortiz Tied for 1st 20th
Cleveland Brownies Tied for 20th Tied for 1st Tied for 20th
Las Vegas Hustlers Tied for 20th Ken Rhodes Tied for 1st Tied for 20th
Sacramento Giants Tied for 20th Bob Reese Tied for 1st Tied for 20th
Seattle Seawolves Tied for 20th Robinson Torres Tied for 1st Tied for 20th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Boston Revolution Tyler Conway 1st William Hall Tied for 2nd 1st
Hawaii Pineapples Deryk Ryles 2nd Josh Holland Tied for 2nd 2nd
Oregon Pioneers Scott Porter 3rd Tied for 2nd 4th
Calgary Clippers Ramiro Sanchez 4th Randy Castro Tied for 2nd 5th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Darrell Garrett 5th Dave Graham Tied for 2nd 6th
Texas Roadrunners Rich Jordan 6th Weston Tucker Tied for 2nd 7th
Toronto Rush Kenko Yamada 7th Earl Simpson Tied for 2nd 8th
Westbury Cannons Kent Bennett 8th William Moore Tied for 2nd 9th
Seattle Seawolves Kendry Barbee 9th Ben Bishop Tied for 2nd 10th
Las Vegas Hustlers Malcolm Beck 10th James Carter Tied for 2nd 11th
Cleveland Brownies Luis Manuel Ferreira 11th David Wayne Tied for 2nd 12th
Asheville Smokies Manny Rios 12th Brazo Rau 2nd 13th
Chicago Hitmen Todd Rush 13th Tied for 2nd 14th
Bristol Owls Poach Johnson 14th Dan Norton Tied for 2nd 15th
Hollywood Stars Jacob Barker 15th Carlos Garza Tied for 2nd 16th
Sacramento Giants Danilo Sarmento 16th Bernardo Rivera Tied for 2nd 17th
Knoxville Lumberkings Jimmy Gilronan 17th Don Thomas 1st 3rd
San Diego Warewolves Salvador Flores 18th David Ellis Tied for 2nd 18th
Bend Bandits Jorge Manuel 19th Gary Bruce Tied for 2nd 19th
Dallas Texans Michael Davis 20th Emilio Garcia Tied for 2nd 20th
Whitby Battalion Aaron Wallace 21st Danny Graham Tied for 2nd 21st
New York Enforcers Tied for 22nd Sergio Marino Tied for 2nd 22nd
Norfolk Buccaneers Tied for 22nd David Barnett Tied for 2nd Tied for 22nd
Rochester Roosters Tied for 22nd Jason Ward Tied for 2nd Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
New York Enforcers Jeff Kovach 1st Cristo Chavez Tied for 3rd 2nd
Boston Revolution Hugh Gordon 2nd Ryan Mitchell Tied for 3rd 4th
Las Vegas Hustlers Miguel Gonzalez 3rd Miguel Gonzalez 1st 1st
Oregon Pioneers Matthew Young 4th Casey Garner Tied for 3rd 5th
Cleveland Brownies Allen Tate 5th Adrian McCoy Tied for 3rd 6th
Knoxville Lumberkings Kris Weston 6th Keith Hicks Tied for 3rd 7th
Bend Bandits Armando Sanchez 7th Kip McGinnity Tied for 3rd 8th
Hollywood Stars Kelly Hamilton 8th Alfonso Heredia Tied for 3rd 9th
Westbury Cannons Popeye Parrish 9th Bart Belcher Tied for 3rd 10th
Toronto Rush Turhan Clause 10th Will Perry Tied for 3rd 11th
Bristol Owls Tommy Carroll 11th Dallas Jones 2nd 3rd
Sacramento Giants Jason Hamilton 12th Frank Whaley Tied for 3rd 12th
Calgary Clippers Pedro Santana 13th Walt Wright Tied for 3rd 13th
San Diego Warewolves Roberto Encarnacion 14th Max Perez Tied for 3rd 14th
Asheville Smokies Fernando Gonzalez 15th Peter Kelly 3rd 15th
Norfolk Buccaneers Juan Solis 16th Nick Carr Tied for 3rd 16th
Texas Roadrunners Eric Pinto 17th Jose Meza Tied for 3rd 17th
Seattle Seawolves Robby Helton 18th Mark Webster Tied for 3rd 18th
Whitby Battalion Dan Lee 19th Jeffrey Hobson Tied for 3rd 19th
Hawaii Pineapples Christian Foster 20th Kenny Lee Swank Tied for 3rd 20th
Dallas Texans Orlando Garcia 21st Martino Leon Tied for 3rd 21st
Rochester Roosters Mitchell Mason 22nd Andrew Gill Tied for 3rd 22nd
Chicago Hitmen Christopher Stevens 23rd Juan Gomez Tied for 3rd 23rd
Tampa Bay Silverbacks 24th Parker Hunter Tied for 3rd 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
San Diego Warewolves Keegan Bryant 1st Tied for 1st 1st
Toronto Rush Floyd Garraway Jr. 2nd Doug Jones Tied for 1st 2nd
Rochester Roosters Logan Pickard 3rd Luis Gonzalez Tied for 1st 3rd
Boston Revolution Paul Prowant 4th Francisco Solis Tied for 1st 4th
Oregon Pioneers Bobby Papesh 5th Reed Banks Tied for 1st 5th
Cleveland Brownies Manny Foster 6th Toby Jackson Tied for 1st 6th
Hawaii Pineapples Kevin Young 7th Alfredo Ventura Tied for 1st 7th
Norfolk Buccaneers Kevin Singleton 8th Christiano Flores Tied for 1st 8th
Calgary Clippers Todd Williams 9th Jose Garza Tied for 1st 9th
Las Vegas Hustlers Allen Hughes 10th Shawn MacLean Tied for 1st 10th
Bristol Owls Stephen Dundee 11th Ruben Ramirez Tied for 1st 11th
Dallas Texans Johnathan Edgar 12th Adam Black Tied for 1st 12th
Bend Bandits Russell Coleman 13th Tied for 1st 13th
Hollywood Stars Jose Santiago 14th Bill Calhoun Tied for 1st 14th
New York Enforcers Maximo Berrera 15th Jay Davis Tied for 1st 15th
Chicago Hitmen Colin Logan 16th Jim Long Tied for 1st 16th
Asheville Smokies Tied for 17th Nathan Daniels 1st 17th
Knoxville Lumberkings Tied for 17th Ken Rosas Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Sacramento Giants Tied for 17th Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Seattle Seawolves Tied for 17th Richard Clark Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Tied for 17th Ryan Van Keuren Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Texas Roadrunners Tied for 17th Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Westbury Cannons Tied for 17th Jack Smith Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Whitby Battalion Tied for 17th Jerome Andrews Tied for 1st Tied for 17th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Whitby Battalion Jeremy Roper 1st Frank Baldwin Tied for 3rd 3rd
Rochester Roosters Matthew Morraco 2nd Sly Galloway Tied for 3rd 4th
Seattle Seawolves Michael Price 3rd Mike Smith Tied for 3rd 5th
Cleveland Brownies T.J. Rose 4th Dave Wilson Tied for 3rd 6th
Chicago Hitmen Johnny Abraham 5th Cordell Davis Tied for 3rd 7th
Dallas Texans Josh Robertson 6th Jimmy Hunter 1st 1st
Norfolk Buccaneers Tony Harmon 7th Chad King Tied for 3rd 8th
Las Vegas Hustlers Jayson Crawford 8th Lorenzo Lorenzetti Tied for 3rd 9th
Bend Bandits Kevin Howell 9th Anthony Guerrero Tied for 3rd 10th
Sacramento Giants Don Prince 10th Aaron Latham Tied for 3rd 11th
San Diego Warewolves Tomas Flores 11th Rob Calhoun Tied for 3rd 12th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Roberto Santos 12th Armando Hernandez Tied for 3rd 13th
Oregon Pioneers Angel Vasquez 13th Angel Vasquez 2nd 2nd
Asheville Smokies Ken Santos 14th Roberto Alvarez 3rd 14th
Toronto Rush Katsuhiko Kato 15th Lawrence Richardson Tied for 3rd 15th
Hollywood Stars Arthur Bradley 16th Norogumi Kono Jr. Tied for 3rd 16th
Westbury Cannons Magglio Romo 17th Shawn Dailey Tied for 3rd 17th
Hawaii Pineapples Angelo Lorenzo 18th Ron Hyde Tied for 3rd 18th
Knoxville Lumberkings Kyle Hall 19th Bryant Walters Tied for 3rd 19th
New York Enforcers Dennis Martin 20th Lynwood Snyder Tied for 3rd 20th
Boston Revolution Joseph DeCaro 21st Dale Chase Tied for 3rd 21st
Texas Roadrunners Ken O'Brien 22nd Doug Henderson Tied for 3rd 22nd
Bristol Owls Tied for 23rd Ty Williams Tied for 3rd 23rd
Calgary Clippers Tied for 23rd Mike Paul Tied for 3rd Tied for 23rd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Seattle Seawolves Octavio Abreu 1st Pablo Esparza Tied for 1st 1st
Norfolk Buccaneers Brady Underwood 2nd Carlos Portillo Tied for 1st 2nd
Chicago Hitmen Jake Boles 3rd Arthur McDonald Tied for 1st 3rd
Whitby Battalion Joey Slater 4th Gustavo Acosta Tied for 1st 4th
Bristol Owls Steven Sullivan 5th Tied for 1st 5th
Westbury Cannons Chao Lin 6th Kirk Ferreira Tied for 1st 6th
Calgary Clippers Justin Sandy 7th Jose Garcia Tied for 1st 7th
Hollywood Stars Nathan Brown 8th Juan Leyva Tied for 1st 8th
Las Vegas Hustlers Bernardo Guillen 9th Bertrando Magherini Tied for 1st 9th
Texas Roadrunners Chris Warner 10th Carlos Ramírez Tied for 1st 10th
New York Enforcers Jim Miller Tied for 11th Juan Ramirez Tied for 1st 11th
Sacramento Giants Curt Bannon Tied for 11th Stephen Ladner Tied for 1st Tied for 11th
Bend Bandits Roy Prather 13th John Pugsley Tied for 1st 13th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Jarred Davis 14th Tied for 1st 14th
Oregon Pioneers Kyle Roberts 15th Jesus Sandoval Tied for 1st 15th
Cleveland Brownies Lance Stanley III 16th Angel Parra Tied for 1st 16th
Asheville Smokies Nathan Blake 17th Sergio Quezada 1st 17th
Knoxville Lumberkings Brenton Howard 18th Jarred Bell Tied for 1st 18th
Boston Revolution Gregory Joyner Tied for 19th Jon Sanders Tied for 1st 19th
Rochester Roosters Vinny Padilla Tied for 19th Chris Stone Tied for 1st Tied for 19th
Dallas Texans Sully Jamerson 21st Alex Bates Tied for 1st 21st
Hawaii Pineapples Tied for 22nd Blair Fitzgerald Tied for 1st 22nd
San Diego Warewolves Tied for 22nd Eric Hester Tied for 1st Tied for 22nd
Toronto Rush Tied for 22nd Michael Collins Tied for 1st Tied for 22nd
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
New York Enforcers Ricardo Camacho 1st Matt Lord Tied for 5th 1st
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Lance Love 2nd Michael Davenport Tied for 5th 2nd
Bend Bandits Manuel Cabrera 3rd Victor Silva 5th 4th
Dallas Texans Grant Vickers 4th Cisco Costa Tied for 5th 5th
Hawaii Pineapples Mark Campbell 5th Jose DeLeon Tied for 5th 6th
Toronto Rush Pierce Ryan 6th Dave Webb Tied for 5th 7th
San Diego Warewolves Michael Martin 7th Ricardo Molina Tied for 5th 8th
Seattle Seawolves Jonathan Weaver 8th Matt Johns Tied for 5th 9th
Knoxville Lumberkings Jimmy Dietz 9th Michael Langley Tied for 5th 10th
Sacramento Giants Billy Lynch 10th Juan Jose Bilbao Tied for 5th 11th
Calgary Clippers Jude Farrell 11th Anthony Miner Tied for 5th 12th
Chicago Hitmen Scott Lachanski 12th Gavin Kane Tied for 5th 13th
Bristol Owls Rick Summers 13th Mariano Arroyo Tied for 5th 14th
Westbury Cannons Tommy Murphy 14th Bennett Lewis Tied for 2nd 15th
Boston Revolution Orlando Castro 15th Richard Nagy Tied for 5th 16th
Rochester Roosters Kerry Hannah 16th Ricardo Flores Tied for 5th 17th
Asheville Smokies Kit Newell 17th Antonio Rosa 1st 3rd
Texas Roadrunners Michael Kilbane 18th Julius Coomer Tied for 5th 18th
Las Vegas Hustlers Hideki Morita 19th Juan Rodriguez Tied for 2nd 19th
Hollywood Stars Julio Mercado 20th Michael Bates Tied for 5th 20th
Whitby Battalion Javier Diaz 21st Ron Trevino Tied for 5th 21st
Norfolk Buccaneers Voodoo Rivas 22nd Jason Floyd Tied for 5th 22nd
Cleveland Brownies David Miranda 23rd Ricky Stanley 2nd 23rd
Oregon Pioneers Jeremy Myers 24th Juan Velasquez Tied for 5th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Calgary Clippers Russell Kirk 1st Anibal Garza 2nd 1st
Knoxville Lumberkings Pete Loranzo 2nd Julio Reyes Tied for 6th 2nd
Hawaii Pineapples Hank Savage 3rd Fernando Barron Tied for 6th 3rd
Westbury Cannons Edgar Reynolds 4th Rodrigo Cruz Tied for 6th 4th
Las Vegas Hustlers Orlando Vega 5th Pete Wright Tied for 2nd 5th
Bend Bandits Bob Henderson 6th Juan Calderon Tied for 6th 6th
San Diego Warewolves Steven Pfleuger 7th Jeremiah Leslie Tied for 2nd 7th
Asheville Smokies Anthony Osborne 8th Zach Hammond 6th 8th
Seattle Seawolves Todd Hatcher 9th Jon Hooper Tied for 2nd 9th
Whitby Battalion Michael Tucker 10th Troy Mitchell Tied for 6th 10th
New York Enforcers Scott Olsen 11th Tomas Perez Tied for 6th 11th
Cleveland Brownies Julio Lopez 12th Forrest Lloyd Tied for 6th 12th
Oregon Pioneers Ray Curry 13th Joe Washington Tied for 6th 13th
Chicago Hitmen Allen Adams 14th Vic Dunlap 1st 14th
Toronto Rush Ramon Vasquez 15th Mike Terry Tied for 6th 15th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Jack Henderson 16th Victor Kennedy Tied for 6th 16th
Hollywood Stars Nick Harrington 17th Vicente Vargas Tied for 6th 17th
Texas Roadrunners Dominic Wilson 18th Lawrence Pierce Tied for 6th 18th
Boston Revolution Michael Ewing 19th Wilbert Billings Tied for 6th 19th
Sacramento Giants Roberto Lima 20th Santiago Guerra Tied for 6th 20th
Norfolk Buccaneers Isiah Woods 21st Bartolo Silva Tied for 6th 21st
Rochester Roosters Matthew Ellis 22nd Lorenzo Flores Tied for 6th 22nd
Bristol Owls Ken Curry 23rd Tomas Salazar Tied for 6th 23rd
Dallas Texans Reggie Baldwin 24th Karl Brown Tied for 6th 24th
Team Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Cleveland Brownies Santiago Rivera 1st Jeremy Baldrick 1st 1st
Knoxville Lumberkings Chris Ross 2nd Jesus Reyes Tied for 2nd 2nd
Bend Bandits Felix Urbina 3rd Carlos Castillo Tied for 2nd 3rd
New York Enforcers Daniel Chase 4th Sergio Estrada Tied for 2nd 4th
Tampa Bay Silverbacks Miguel Hernandez 5th Alberto Colomo Tied for 2nd 5th
Bristol Owls Benny Mauser 6th Nate Evans Tied for 2nd 6th
Rochester Roosters Otto Orf 7th Juan Rosas Tied for 2nd 7th
Dallas Texans Manuel Gonzalez 8th Antonio Lopez Tied for 2nd 8th
Toronto Rush Pablo Ayala 9th Ron Terry Tied for 2nd 9th
Calgary Clippers John Coburn 10th Mike Campbell Tied for 2nd 10th
San Diego Warewolves Cedric Issacson 11th Pepe Gonzales Tied for 2nd 11th
Whitby Battalion Francisco Flores 12th Kevin Brown Tied for 2nd 12th
Las Vegas Hustlers Dez Jordan 13th Zachary Duff Tied for 2nd 13th
Hollywood Stars Clive Burr 14th Mike Rigsby Tied for 2nd 14th
Asheville Smokies David Virgil 15th Jorge Ferreira 2nd 15th
Texas Roadrunners Javier Torres 16th Joe Edwards Tied for 2nd 16th
Norfolk Buccaneers Domingo Francisco 17th Cisco Ramirez Tied for 2nd 17th
Hawaii Pineapples Todd Newell 18th Mitchell Fleming Tied for 2nd 18th
Boston Revolution Orlando Sanchez 19th Phil Moore Tied for 2nd 19th
Chicago Hitmen Yok-sing Sutherland 20th Luis Vega Tied for 2nd 20th
Seattle Seawolves Joe Rawlings 21st Julio Sosa Tied for 2nd 21st
Oregon Pioneers Gene Shuey 22nd Luke Smith Tied for 2nd 22nd
Westbury Cannons Scott Williams 23rd Francisco Hernandez Tied for 2nd 23rd
Sacramento Giants Ryan Bannister 24th Jeffery Anderson Tied for 2nd 24th
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