SIM Baseball League
Stat of the Day
Most Career Walks By A Player With Initials B. B.
(Top 25 Players)
Brandon BlairPitching570
Bob BurgessBatting472
Bobby Bruno+Pitching428
Brian BillingsBatting379
Bryan BenderPitching377
Billy BrooksBatting341
Brandon BattlePitching279
Barry BensonBatting181
Billy BowdenBatting166
Brian BlakeBatting119
Bob BlanchardBatting110
Bobby BellBatting92
Bobby BridgesPitching79
Bill BrentonBatting18
Brandon BoyceBatting13
Today's Birthdays
2BEric HaynesORE32October 14, 2007
RFLance PatrickRetired32October 14, 2007
PJ.J. DrewORE34October 14, 2005
PRich BarnesRetired44October 14, 1995
+ indicates Hall of Famer
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