SIM Baseball League
Contract Detail
SS Kris Weston (32 yrs old)
Team: Knoxville Lumberkings ($)
Links: OOTP Player Page, StatsLab Player Page
Service Time & Roster Status
Major League Service9 years, 114 days
Currently on active roster
Current Contract
Signed with the Knoxville Lumberkings
4 years$64,000,000
Remaining Guaranteed$6,320,988
Clauses and Incentives
Final Year OptionTeam
No Trade ClauseNo
Daryl Ryles Slugger Of The Year MVP Award Bonus$700,000
Bobby Grimes Hurler Of The Year Award Bonus$0
All-Star Bonus$0
Bonus for reaching 550 PA$650,000
2042 Accumulated PA: 426 Projected PA: 704
Contract Extension
No extension signed
Remaining salary includes prorated portion of this year's salary and playing time incentives if they have already been met.
Age displayed is age on July 1st of year in question.
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
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